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April 3, 2020
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5 Home Remedies For Hair Loss

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Sometimes you only need a simple natural remedy to treat and prevent a hair loss problem. Since hair loss can be caused by a multitude of factors, it is advisable to first seek a dermatologist's advice if the hair loss is very severe. If you suspect a genetic or auto-immune disorder has led to excessive hair fall, then herbal and home remedies can only be used as an adjuvant, and some form of medication may be required also.

Some of the most common reasons for hair loss include: the use of birth control pills and other hormonal medication, chemical hair treatments that damage the hair follicle, vitamin and minerals deficiencies, washing your hair too often with shampoo that have an improper pH level, hyperthyroidism and polycystic ovaries syndrome, stress and any emotional shock, or very oily hair and dandruff caused by fungal infections.In most cases, hair loss in women is especially related to some hormonal change. Post-pregnancy, menopause, and puberty can be periods when most women will experience more serious hair loss issues. In these cases, natural treatments are the ideal choice for treating and preventing hair loss and hair thinning.

Besides treating the multiple causes mentioned here, you can also help your hair grow back stronger and healthier than before with the aid of some simple home remedies:

1. Onion juice is a great remedy for hair loss. Studies have shown that it can help hair grow back in areas with no hair at all within a month's time. But this remedy needs to be applied daily for a month in order to get the best results. Use a juice extractor and make about a glass of fresh onion juice. You can also crush the onions, strain the juice, and mix it with a little water. Use the onion juice to massage your head every day and leave it on for about half an hour. Rinse only with water, and don't worry about the smell as it is going to go away right after you have rinsed.

2. Garlic in amazing against hair loss. It is one of the most powerful home remedies that you can use to make your hair grow back in bald areas. Garlic is a very powerful hair-growth stimulant and it prevents and treats hair loss very quickly. What you need to do is cut a garlic clove in two, and massage your scalp with it 1-2 times per day. You can rinse with water after 30 minutes, but refrain from using a hair dryer after.

3. Chili peppers stimulate the hair roots and improve circulation in the scalp area. They are an amazing hair loss treatment that can be easily prepared at home. They should always be mixed with oil or alcohol since they are very spicy and can't be used on their own. You need around half a cup of grain alcohol 70-86% (or vodka will do), then cut 2-3 chili pepper into small pieces and place them inside a small bottle or jar. Pour the alcohol over the chili peppers and seal the jar. Leave the jar at room temperature for 14 days, and also make sure to shake the jar once in a while. Then strain the liquid and use a little bit to massage the affected areas of your scalp every day. You can also do the same thing but use castor oil instead of alcohol. Results can be seen within a month of using it. Be aware that this remedy will sting.

4. Egg yolk mask works wonders against hair loss. Egg yolks are extremely nutritious and are the perfect remedy in case of hair thinning and hair fall. However, you need to be persistent and use this remedy for longer periods of times if you would like to see results. Egg yolk mask can completely replace shampoo if your hair loss problem is very severe. It can be mixed with some honey also for a more powerful effect. What you need is 2-3 egg yolks that are going to be mixed with one spoonful of honey. Spread the mask all over the hair, especially on your roots, and leave it act for 30 minutes. Then rinse with lots of lukewarm water, and you can also use some shampoo if you would like to.

5. Propolis tincture is a great remedy for hair loss. It has very powerful antibiotic and antiseptic properties, thus eliminating any fungus or bacteria from the scalp area. It also stimulates the roots and improves blood circulation to the hair follicle. You can buy propolis tincture from health stores, or you can prepare it at home if you can find fresh propolis. Use the tincture to massage your hair daily for 1-2 months.

All these remedies are easy to make and use at home, and they are wonderful against hair loss and hair thinning. You can use one remedy for one month and then you can start another one for the next month. For severe hair loss, at least 2-3 months of intense treatment is required.


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