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November 15, 2020
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Acne Recurring at the Same Spots - Causes and Remedies

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Nothing can be more annoying than getting pimples in the same exact spots. You struggle to get rid of one pimple, and then another one forms in that same area. In some instances you will notice that the pimple is not even fully healed before getting another one on top of it. This is actually something that occurs quite often, and can have more than one cause behind it.

Picking at pimples is the main cause of getting them in the same spots over and over again. Popping pimples can damage the follicle and produce inflammation in that exact skin pore. It is very important that you stop popping your pimples. If you feel that you need to get rid of a recurring pimple very fast, go to an experienced professional that can remove the comedone safely.

Hormonal acne can make pimples occur in the same area. It happens that your hormones can affect some of the follicles and skin glands, while leaving others intact. Hormonal acne is usually localized around the chin and jawline in women, and around the lower cheeks in men. Doctors are not sure why hormonal acne influences only certain areas of the face.
Balancing the hormones is the first step that you can take towards curing acne. Focusing on getting rid of pimples using only creams and other external treatments can only have temporary effects on acne.

Touching your skin can also lead to recurring acne in the same area. It is usually the chin and jawline areas that we tend to keep touching with our hands or with different materials. Try to avoid touching your face at all times. Also, avoid wearing scarves or anything that touches your neck and face. Bangs can also be the culprit for acne around the forehead and cheeks. Changing the pillowcase weekly can also help, as well as sleeping with your face on a clean towel.

Spot treatments can actually cause more acne to recur at the same spot. Although some treatments claim to cure acne overnight, they can actually push the bacteria deep inside the skin. This means that the root of the comedone is still inside the skin pore, and that the skin will eventually try to push it out. Applying all sorts of drying creams that close the pores can actually keep the comedone intact. Try to avoid products that block the pores or those that make the skin very dry. Use sulphur products instead or just apply clay masks that will draw out the pimple.

The main idea is to prevent any type of pimples from forming, either in the same or different spots. Healing the skin might appear to be a difficult process that involves lots of treatments and chemicals. Actually, the skin is able to heal itself if we just let it. Below are some tips for getting clear skin that is free of any pimples.

1. Avoid applying too many harsh chemicals to skin affected by acne. Although some chemicals dry out the pimples, they don't treat the actual cause of pimple formation. In addition, some products can damage the skin by producing rashes, dryness, and so on. People have also reported that some products, such as benzoyl peroxide, have caused worse acne scarring.
2. Analyse your diet and eliminate the foods that can cause acne. Research has finally shown that there is a link between diet and skin condition. A low glycemic load diet that is free of dairy has helped many people get rid of their acne condition.
3. Take Evening Primrose Oil for balancing the hormones. Also, some people have had some results while taking zinc or vitamin B5 supplements. However, synthetic supplements can be dangerous in some cases, so stop them immediately if you notice any adverse effects. Women can also drink liquorice tea or take Vitex fruit supplements, while men can try taking Saw palmetto supplements for balancing hormones.
4. Take probiotics and enzymes if you feel that your digestive system has been affected by antibiotics or other medication. Some people have been able to get clear skin only by taking enzyme supplements that have improved their digestive function.

There is no miracle cure for acne that will work for everyone, but there are guidelines that can really help you keep the acne under control.


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