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April 9, 2020
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6 Fascinating Truths About Argan Oil

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Argan oil is indeed amazing. The miracle oil from the Argan tree is extracted and processed by using traditional and mechanical methods. It is used for various purposes like beauty ehancement, health protection, and culinary needs. This oil is easily available in Moroccan and European beauty shops and supermarket, and even from street vendors. As women are engaged in the production process, it empowers them.

Argan oil offer so many advantages to the beauty consumer that many beauty professionals regard it as a miracle oil. The more you know about argan oil, the more you will like it and its magical properties. There are some amazing facts about argan oil:

The much valued argan tree is the source

We can generate argan oil from the kernels of argan fruit. These argan trees are rare and can only be found in Mexico and Morocco, the latter being the source of most commercial argan oil available in the market. In Morocco, the argan tree plantation is part of a government-protected area, which supports the national program to develop and protect local forestry in Morocco.

It can be processed using the laborious traditional manner or using contemporary mechanical presses

The traditional method for extracting the oil of argan fruit is slow and tedious. Before the seeds can be roasted the collected argan fruit must be de-pulped. Pulp removal cna be avoided if you are prepared to collect seeds from the waste produced by local goats who cannot digest the seeds of the fruits they have eaten. After the seeds have been dried they are milled, then roasted and tossed water and ground and pressed in order to obtain the argan oil. Mechanical oil extractors have replaced the manual mills for extracting oil which results in a simpler and speedier process of extracting oil and resulting in more argan oil production. The oil produced through this process is more pure because no water added is added to the ground seeds. By using the same mechanical presses the steps of argan oil production remain same.

There are many health and beauty purposes for argan oil

Labeled as the miracle oil by beauty and health experts, argan oil offers many benefits.

*Skin improvement. Because of its essential fatty acid and sterol content, argan oil makes a great skin moisturizer. The skin soaks up the oil and leaves it feeling silky smooth, not greasy. The oil helps scars and other skin imperfections heal, as well as titerpenoids that help protect skin from harmful sun and dirt exposure. Finally, argan oil helps prevent aging and skin damage with its high Vitamin E content, leaving skin looking young and healthy.

*The benefits of hair. If you want your hair healthy and shiny, Argan oil can help you. Hair that is too dry can lead to damaged hair and this product can serve as hair's protector from too much heat and chemicals. It helps in keeping the hair shiny and the scalp moisturized, addressing dandruff and other dry scalp problems as well.

*Benefits of Nail. You can apply argan oil to nails to help keep them strong and protect them from breaking too easily. An overwhelming number of health and beauty experts agree that the use of argan oil can dramatically improve brittle nails and improve nail strength.

*This will also benefit your muscles by adding strength and definition. Argan oil, can also be used to treat stiff, tired and sore muscles after physical activity. The process is as simple as keeping your hands warm while dipping your hands into the argan oil mixed with lemon and rubbing it over the dry areas.

*Things that are beneficial to your health Taking argan oil orally is proved to be a great medicine in the treatment of arthritis because of the carotenoids present in it. Its linoleic acid and polyphynol content also help in alleviating soreness and inflammation caused due to eczema and psoriasis by acting as anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic agents.

It can be used in the culinary field

Aside from the amazing beauty and health benefits of argan oil, it is also used for culinary purposes. You may use it in cooking as a substitute for butter and used in salad dressings, as well as a basic cooking oil. Aromatic dishes and highly delicious meals can be made with Argan oil.

European and Moroccan beauty shops, supermarkets, and street vendors sell it

Argan oil can be bought anywhere in shops or even online too, now days. For use in cooking it can be bought in most Moroccan and European outlets. You may pass vendors on the street if you drive between Taghazout and Sidi Kaoki where argan oil is produced. Select an oil that resembles fluid gold with almond fragrance in case you purchase here.

Production of argan oil helps in empowerment of women

Your body is not last to get benefited from astonishing argan oil. Despite the high price of argan oil due to its rarity, argan oil production also helps empower women in Morocco, especially the Berber women. International demand for argan oil has led the Berber women into situations where they, with assistance from certain international businesses and cooperatives, have a greater ability to provide for their families. They will also enjoy further rights and freedoms while producing argan oil.

There is no doubt that argan oil is a miracle oil. Not only can it manipulate you into a physically beautiful and healthy woman, however it also offers you the opportunity to help other women, who are producing the oil for you.


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